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An empathy story

Will the little trapped Dragonfly, that Mili is about to squish, ever be able to see its family again?

Read along to see what Mili's frightened little brother, Milo, and her monkey friend, Mona, are telling her.

This cute picture storybook talks about:

  • Empathy - in the simplest possible way

  • Feelings that we go through in various situations - Fear, Anger and Joy

  • The delight of helping others


  • Get 3 tips to encourage empathy in day to day life of children at the end of the book

  • Find more inspiring resources for parents in our blog

This book is a good read for children in the age group 3-8 years. We hope that your children enjoy and learn from it.


Get your copy today to gift a VALUE to a child.​

ISBN: 978-0-6485321-0-1 (hardcover)

ISBN: 978-0-6485321-1-8 (paperback)

Published By Value Buds in 2019

Sneak Peak

Princessnk's review on amazon

If it's a book about empathy, I'm in! Add a great story and great illustrations... and I'm ALL in!!

What a fabulous book! I absolutely love how this book addressed the concept of empathy. It was so subtle yet impactful. I will be reading this book to my children over and over again! (They absolutely adored it as well!)

Book Trailer

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If you are in Australia or India, you can place an order directly from us for $5 per book! We also have stickers of the characters, that you can order for 1$ per sticker sheet.