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Making Learning Simple and Fun!

Children are little craftsmen, busy crafting their lives. We, the parents and teachers, love them and support them by teaching the values that we learnt in our lives.


Value Buds creates exciting stories, each expressing a valuable human skill that your child can learn from while having fun. We sincerely hope that these stories play their part to help your children get equipped to Craft a Beautiful Life for themselves.

Inspiring Children to leaRn Values


Mili and the Dragonfly is a picture storybook that helps children understand Empathy and apply it in their social lives.


Empathy is a simple concept of being aware of others’ feelings, needs and concerns. Yet, it is a powerful tool that influences social relationships.

Ages: 3+ years

Formats: Hardcover, Paperback and Ebook

We are building this brand to Make Learning Values Simple and Easy. We would love to connect with you and hear your feedback, thoughts, or questions.

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